Self-esteem and self-confidence

Self-esteem and self-confidence, different, though often connected qualities.

Self-esteem – what you think and feel about yourself, how you value yourself (self-worth)

  • too little and you’ll sell yourself short
  • too much – well, we all know of someone who seems to have an all-encompassing sense of entitlement …

Self Confidence – how much you trust your abilities and judgement

We are constantly updating our opinions about everything – including ourselves – in the light of things that happen as we go through life.

It is quite natural for both self-esteem and self-confidence to fluctuate.

  • A run of bad luck or a relationship breakdown can dent our self-esteem, though we usually plod on with life and recover fairly quickly.
  • We can be superbly confident in one situation, but timid as a mouse in another.

Often, improving self-esteem can be the first step to improving all areas of your life, though anyone experiencing very low self-esteem can find this hard to believe.

Learning how to be confident in situations in which you normally feel shy or uncomfortable can be liberating.

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