Situational anxiety: stage fright, public speaking, exam nerves etc.

Is there something that you think you should be able to do, but just don’t seem to be able to manage? Perhaps even thinking about thinking about it makes you feel anxious?

Maybe it’s giving a presentation at work, or a best man’s speech at your brother’s wedding, maybe sitting an exam or taking your driving test. Perhaps it’s singing a solo to a packed theatre, or, well, what is it that you can’t quite seem to pluck up the courage to do?

Let’s put things into perspective. We all experience a certain amount of anxiety in situations that we find difficult or threatening:
• Those delicate butterflies you feel in your tummy as you walk into an exam room – well, they usually fly away when you pick up your pen and start working.
• That fast heartbeat that you notice as you enter a room full of strangers usually quietens down when you spot your friends.
• That slightly sweaty feeling that you’re aware of whilst delivering your presentation but which dissipates as soon as it is over.

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