Do you sometimes feel uneasy about something?
Maybe it’s more than that.
Perhaps it’s a feeling of total trepidation about some particular thing.
Or is it a feeling of dread about… well, just what is it about?
Everyone experiences some anxiety from time to time. It is a normal reaction to stress and fear . In small amounts it can be an excellent motivator, but too much of it often has the opposite effect.
Anxiety often builds up so gradually that we hardly notice it at first. It can begin with a feeling of unease – maybe directed towards a specific activity or event (e.g. driving or exams). It can also build into a debilitating dread of – well, just about anything.

There are four main ways that anxiety can be classified

• Situational anxiety and stage fright (performance anxiety)
• General anxiety disorder
• Panic attacks
• Phobias

Anxiety can resolve on its own, but if it persists it can take away your ability to relax properly and your ability to enjoy your life. You may find that you feel irritable, tearful and overwhelmed by a life that seems out of control. It can lead to headaches, upset tummies, tense muscles and high blood pressure, disrupt sleep and in time leave you feeling miserable or even mildly depressed
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy combines Solution Focused Brief Therapy with hypnosis. We focus on how you want to be. Learning how to think about and focus on how you want things to be, and to visualise the future that you want helps to remove the need for the negative self-talk that you probably don’t even notice at the moment, but which sustains that unnecessary anxiety.

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