If you said absolutely nothing – and really meant it – well, I’d love to meet you!
Fear is a survival mechanism. Humans just wouldn’t have survived if we had been totally fearless. Appropriate fear is good. It stops us getting too close to cliff edges or trying to stroke lions!

But sometimes even the safest things can trigger immense, uncontrollable, urgent fear. Just seeing a picture of, or thinking about “that thing” can make someone with a phobia break out into a sweat. Knowing that there is “one of those” around the corner, you turn around and take the scenic route – even though it does take an extra ten minutes.
A phobia is an extreme, irrational fear of something that is in most people’s estimation perfectly safe.
Phobias come in all shapes and sizes – from insects to huge animals, specific fruits and vegetables to whole environments, inanimate objects to specific situations. It is probably possible to develop a phobia of just about anything. Even if you know intellectually that the thing is safe, the closer you get to it the more anxious you get, but as soon as you (or it) moves away you become calm again.
Some people experience their phobia as mildly embarrassing, whilst others take such great care to avoid their phobic trigger it can cause major disruption to their lives. Most people experience something in between.
The good news is that most phobias can be resolved relatively quickly with the help of hypnotherapy. Some phobias are more complex than others, so the time it will take varies but simple phobias can often be relieved in one or two sessions.
If you want to free yourself from that unnecessary fear contact Amanda to find out how hypnotherapy can help you.

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