Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post traumatic stress disorder, (PTSD) is a heightened response to a majorly stressful event. People often think if it as something that war veterans get, and yes, they can and do, but anyone who has experienced any form of traumatic event, or a very frightening or shocking event, can go on to develop PTSD.

It has been estimated that one in three trauma survivors experience PTSD (fortunately that means that two in three won’t). More good news is that some people will recover naturally over the course of a few months, though for others it can take considerably longer to resolve without help.

People living with PTSD can suffer a range of experiences, the most commonly recognised being flashbacks – suddenly feeling as if the incident(s) are happening right here, right now. Other signs include things like vivid nightmares, feeling constantly on edge and sleeplessness.
Some people think that the very high levels of stress hormones produced during the trauma interfere with the processing of the memory of the event, so that part of the brain continues to act as if the event is still happening.
Hypnotherapy can be used to encourage profound relaxation, helping to reduce the levels of stress hormones. This, in combination with elements of CBT, can encourage complete processing of the memory of the event, to reduce the severity of the symptoms and hasten recovery.
If you think that hypnotherapy might help you recover from a traumatic event please contact Amanda today to discuss your needs.

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